What Is a Satta Gali?

The Satta Gali is the tenth and final state of Raja Subhash Chandra Bose’s prolific and influential reign as Rajah ofabad in Bengal. The data is a compilation of some of the Rajput songs that Bose composed during his reign and that are mainly sung by the people during their gatherings. The song, Satta Gali, is a powerful illustration of the resilience and tenacity of the Bengalis. This is the tenth state of the Rajah’s reign.


In the satta, Bose requested all the leaders of the kingdom to sing a song of homage to his late father and sisters and to convey the sentiments of gratitude to the people for their support and cooperation during his reign. The entire assembly did just that except for one person who refused to comply with Bose’s request. His name was Disaria Ghazi and he was the ruler of Alwar. In the song, Satta Gali, Bose had requested that he be given the data in place of the satta that was due to be awarded to him by the then king, Ajit King of Mysore in recognition of his outstanding contributions towards the welfare of the people during his rule.

The people sang for hours till the dawn but the desawar refused to submit. Eventually, he yielded and agreed to the request made by Bose. Ajit Ghazi was proclaimed king at Mysore along with his mother. Ajit was made king of Disaria and Bose was made pasta king at Alwar. But in both places, the satta wasn’t granted to Ajit and his mother was made pasta king at Mysore.

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